Electronic Banking

Electronic Banking


To make your life easier we also provide a full electronic banking service for the payment of Owners’ Corporation levies. You can pay over the phone or online with any major credit card using DEFT or BPAY and if your bank doesn’t offer electronic banking, payments can be simply made via Direct Debit through Macquarie Bank or over the counter at any Australia Post office.


  • DEFT Payment Systems bring you more ways to pay body corporate levies than ever before. You can now pay by mail, in person at any Australia Post outlet, or choose one of the convenient phone payment options. From now on every levy notice you receive will include a DEFT reference number, which gives you access to all of these alternatives. Whenever a levy notice arrives, simply select the DEFT payment option that suits you best.

  • By far the quickest and easiest way to pay your levies available today is DEFT
  • You can simply log on to www.deft.com.au and pay online or use our phone payment option by calling 1300 301090.
  • Using the Internet also makes it much easier to schedule payments in advance or check your payment history.
  • To start using either or both of these convenient DEFT payment methods, here’s what you should do.
  • If you’re not already registered, simply fill out a Customer Initiated Direct Debit Request form (also available online at www.deft.com.au) and return it (postage free) by following the directions on the form.
  • This will allow you to pay your levy using both options.
  • If you’re already registered to use the DEFT phone payment service (DEFT Phonepay), all you have to do is go to www.deft.com.au and enter your DEFT Reference Number in the space provided.
  • You’ll be able to start using DEFT Online and DEFT Phonepay straight-away.
  • A Receipt number will be given at the time of payment.
  • BPAY

If your bank offers BPAY, you can use DEFT to pay your levies by phone, directly from your bank account. Simply call your financial institution and follow the voice prompts. When making a payment you will be asked to enter the biller code and reference number. Your DEFT reference number is located under the barcode on your levy notice.

If your bank doesn’t offer BPAY there are 3 other ways you can pay by phone

1. Flexible Direct Debits That 

You authorise Macquarie Bank to deduct payments directly from your chosen bank, building society or credit union account, but only when you call to authorise them.

To use this option, you must complete an application form. Call us on 1800 672162 and we’ll post one to you.

Once your application has been processed, you’ll be able to transfer funds by calling 1300 309300, entering your DEFT reference number and a security code that you choose yourself.

2. Paying With a Credit or Charge 

Some Body Corporates also allow you to pay over the phone using your credit or charge card. To pay this way, all you have to do is call 1300 309300. If available, this option will be printed on your levy notice.

3. Setting Up Automatic Payments

With a single phone call, you can also program levy payments in advance from your selected account. Simply follow the recorded instructions when you call. You can also update your programmed payments at any time.

You’ll be quoted a transaction number whenever you call. ** When using direct debit options always make sure that there are sufficient funds in your nominated account, or the payment will be dishonoured and a fee will apply.


You probably already pay some of your bills at Australia Post; and now you can pay your levies as well. Present your DEFT levy notice at any Australia Post outlet and pay with cash or a cheque. Australia Post will give you a receipt.

Simply make out a cheque and write your DEFT reference number on the back. Then mail it with the DEFT payment slip to the address indicated on your levy notice.

It’s Economical. Payments are made free of charge at any Australia Post outlet, by phone for the cost of a local call, or by mail. Your financial institution’s normal transaction fees will apply for cheque and direct debit transfers.

  • Prompt Transfers. Payments made on a business day will normally be credited to your body corporate’s account the following business day.
  • Add the Number. When paying by cheque, always write your DEFT reference number on the back. Cheques should be made payable to Macquarie Bank on behalf of your Body Corporate.
  • Keep Receipts. Retain proof of payment. When paying by phone, record the DEFT transaction number; when paying at Australia Post keep the paper receipt.
  • Private and Secure. Your privacy and security are assured. Payments can only be credited to your Body Corporate’s account. When making phone payments, only the bank, building society or credit union account you register can be debited. Macquarie Bank does not have access to your personal financial details.
  • DEFT is a registered trademark of Macquarie Bank Limited.

BPAY is a registered trademark of BPAY Pty Ltd.
Australia Post is a registered trademark of Australia Post