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SMS Strata Management – Executive Committee Members

SMS Strata Management – Executive Committee Members

Importance in a Good Executive Committee

Section 8 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 (SSMA) states that the owner’s corporation is responsible for managing the strata scheme. Section 9 goes on to state that, the executive committee is one organisation that can assist the owners corporation in carrying out its functions. Section 21(2) of the SSMA expressly states that the executive committee can do everything the owner’s corporation can do, except those, which require a special resolution.

The executive committee therefore stands in the shoes of the owners corporation to do everything except those that require a special resolution or a unanimous Resolution. They become the parliament of the people!

You can consider the strata title as just another form of government, that is, community government. Taking special care in electing your executive committee is vital. Standing for the executive committee is also great a means of getting the best skills to manage the owner’s corporation.

An owner’s corporation has anywhere between one to nine people on the executive committee. This is generally based on their size and the complexity of the strata scheme. An owner’s corporation should carefully consider the following:

– What is the optimum number for the executive committee;

– What role should the executive committee carry out on behalf of the owners corporation;

– What skills are required to carry out those functions effectively; and

– Who in their mass has the ability to do so?

It is vital that owner’s corporations co-opt and recruit the best people from amongst its group to sit on this executive committee. Remember that an executive committee does not need to come from the owner’s corporation. Co-opting or recruiting can be done with persons outside the owner’s corporation. So don’t be scared to get somebody from outside to sit on your executive committee as a means of ensuring your committee needs are fulfilled.

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